11 December 2009

12 November 2009

Bahn Mi SONG

This is inspiring.

05 November 2009

Claustrophobic Food

New York Assembly Bill 8163 will phase-out pig gestation crates, veal crates and hen battery cages by 2015, and will prohibit any person from tethering or confining any pig during pregnancy, any calf raised for veal, or egg-laying hen who is kept on a farm in a manner that prevents such animal from lying down, standing up and fully extending its limbs and turning around freely. Violations of the law will be punishable by imprisonment for a period not to exceed one year and/or fines up to $1,000.

Animals shouldn't be stuck in pens where they are immobile and have to hang out in their own feces. This video has footage that really gives you a sense of how bad animals have it. Bill 8163 could do much to change how farmers in New York do things. Unfortunately, the Assembly's Ag Committee is prob in bed with bigAg interest. For more info: ab8163.com

28 September 2009

Beckhaming in the New Year

Long time! As the High Holidays roll by, I thought of you, Sesame Tooth. How could anything be more pertinent to a sweet New Year than Chocolate David Beckham?

16 May 2009

From Japan with Love

A farm in Kumamoto Prefecture has been working at growing these melons for four years. This is like cantaloupe foot-binding, or maybe it's just romantic.

via Coldmud

07 May 2009

Pocket Guide to Wine

This pocket guide from Slate promises to help you the next time you need a good bottle for cheap. It focuses on trusted importers rather than vineyards which seems like a brilliant idea when every wine store has such different selections. Read the full article here.

06 May 2009


I don't really think this is fair way to illustrate how much sugar is in a given food. However, the image of the cubes stacked next to the Coke is arresting. Less so when you compare it with the grapes though. As Sugarstacks.com mentions on their blog, a lot have people have been giving them guff for making such a comparison given that there are different types of sugar.

And apparently there is more sugar in Vanilla Frozen Yogurt than Vanilla Ice cream...